Report on the recognition of large taxpayers in 2018

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Circular of the People's Government of Suichang County Recognizing the Big Taxpayers in 2018

All township (town) people's governments, sub-district offices, and units directly under the county government:

In 2018, the vast number of enterprises (units) in the county faced the complex and changing economic situation, and made early decisions, actively responded to them, developed their own strengths and avoided shortcomings, and took the initiative to develop. While improving economic quality and efficiency, they firmly established the business idea of paying taxes in good faith according to law. Earnestly fulfill the glorious tax obligations, and make a positive contribution to consolidate and enhance the county's economic strength and overall competitiveness, and promote the county's economic and social development. In order to commend the advanced and cultivate the typical, create a good atmosphere of operating in good faith, paying taxes according to law, and respecting taxpayers in the whole society, after review and selection, it was decided to award 109 enterprises (units) such as Zhejiang Yuanli Metal Products Group Co., Ltd. The title of "Chang County Taxpayer" is now commended.

It is hoped that the commended enterprises will make persistent efforts, keep making progress, establish a scientific development concept, change the development mode, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, vigorously advocate the good social customs of paying taxes in good faith in accordance with the law, and consciously perform the tax payment obligations prescribed by the law. The vast number of enterprises in the county should learn from the big taxpayers, work hard, overcome difficulties, increase the awareness of paying taxes in good faith according to law, and make greater contributions to the promotion of the economic and social development of our county.

Suichang County People's Government

February 2, 2019

Enterprises with taxes exceeding 2 million yuan

Lishui Xingchang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   Zhan Yanlin